Homelessness in Nottingham is at its highest in
almost 20 years.  Rough sleeping threatens lives –
act now to offer shelter, support and protection.

Get rough sleepers off the street.

Donate now to keep people off Nottingham’s streets and safe this Winter. Homelessness charities Framework and The Nottingham Winter Shelter are collaborating to do so but need the public support to fund the project.

With your help we will:

  • Get rough sleepers off the street and into accommodation in life-threatening Winter conditions
  • Introduce homeless people to support that addresses the complex needs often preventing them leaving the street.
  • Help fund more than 200 people who would face sleeping in sub-zero conditions


One night can transform a life

A night away from street homelessness is not only refuge from being vulnerable to the bitter cold, attacks and numbing this reality with alcohol or illegal substances. One night can be a portal to support that puts an end to this reality for good.

Changing Real Lives

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