Changing Real Lives – Brian


Often when rough sleeping presents itself as the decision to go with, all other options have been exhausted. When forced into a difficult position people can retaliate by becoming extremely resourceful, which is exactly what Brian did;

“I lived on the allotment site on-and-off for almost ten years. My life at home broke down after my family members, who had bullied me in the past, broke and entered my property numerous times – stealing everything worthwhile. My valuables and rent money dwindled until I was unable to pay any more.

“After I was evicted I stayed with a friend for a while but there’s only so long that you can rely on temporary fixes. I kept working as a caretaker at a local school throughout this period and maintained my position once the abandoned allotment became the main contender as a home.

“Living in the shed wasn’t ideal but I felt safer out of the reach of my family. When the Street Outreach Team found me we were both surprised, I didn’t know they existed and they were looking for somebody else.

“I feel more secure than I ever have in my new home. I’ve been volunteering with Framework and they are working with me to improve my literacy, numeracy and budgeting. I have high hopes to get back into work again.”

Brian, Nottingham.